What is a good Japan

In the Pacific ocean, on the four Islands with a total area of about 400000 square kilometers, is one of the most beautiful countries Japan. Civilization inhabiting this country, developing for more than 2.5 millennia and today is considered one of the most highly developed. Let’s look at what’s good about Japan and why its customs and traditions attract tourists.

History of Japan began in the 7th century BC, when, as stated in the give, on the throne of the first Emperor, whose name was Jimmu. If you believe all those legends of old, the initiator of the coronation of this man was the goddess of the sun named Amaterasu. For more than a Millennium the country was ruled by emperors, sitting on a throne in the beautiful city, Kyoto.

While the Emperor and his entourage enjoyed a luxurious life, the rest of the country sliding deeper into poverty, resulting in people increased the degree of discontent and rebellion the country was saved only by armed squads of governors. In the middle ages, shoguns – governors take power into their own hands with the help of his faithful warriors samurai who respects the service of the owner is paramount. The power of the Shogunate had existed in Japan until the 19th century ad, all this time the country developed in isolation from the rest of the world, occasionally trading with chosen peoples, domestic policy is also not particularly liberalism. The people of Japan under the rule of the military was in constant fear and was forced to work for minuscule, only would not touch him. The Emperor and his family were trapped in the capital and had no right of departure abroad, in short, lived in a Golden cage.

In 1867, the last shogun abdicated and handed over the reins to his young Emperor, Mutsuhito. In modern Japan, as before, the official political system is a monarchy, and the country is not otherwise referred to as the Empire, though the Emperor is almost completely deprived of its political functions, its role is only formal, representational functions, and the very existence merely a tribute to tradition.

In General Japan is a very traditional country and even in spite of notable changes that happened to her during the years after the Second world war, the Japanese still revere many of the precepts of their ancestors, some, as before adhere to the principles of Bushido — code of the samurai.

Modern Japan is one of the most developed in terms of technology, there are a huge number of corporations engaged in the manufacture of innovative products. Japan is the birthplace of all high-precision devices and technologies that benefit humanity. But, despite the large number of production facilities concentrated on such a small plot of land, the nature of the country is still rich in unique places.

It is worth to mention the cherry orchards, look at flowering, which people come from different countries, even located very far from the Japanese Islands. Sakura, the cherry is called here, is one of the national monuments.

Another natural monument and sanctuary for many people in Japan is mount Fuji, and to be precise, and not a mountain at all, but an active volcano, one of two hundred, located throughout the Islands. Because such a large number of volcanoes, earthquakes in Japan are not rare, their number reaches 1500 a year and this is only an approximate number.

Coming to Japan, you seem to enter another world, this country is so contrasting that it is difficult to imagine. Walking around the city, you might think that you are in a major metropolis, somewhere on the North American continent, so many colors, advertising and a huge amount of people hurrying about their business, and costs to travel outside of the city, you will find yourself in territory where nature reigns unchallenged, creating their masterpieces.

The Japanese cherish nature, but prefer to live in cities, many consider the area outside of the city and the desert it creates additional conditions for comfort of seclusion and incredible views. But most Japanese don’t understand this, considering the craving for solitude and contemplation the lot of monks.

But outside of the cities and the places where you will love to visit and residents of large cities, for example, the ski resort of Sapporo, the legacy of the Olympics, annually attracts not only tourists but also local residents who are not averse to buoy snow fun and active rest on those rare weekends. In addition, there are in Japan and hot springs, near Beppo, here too you can see a lot of Japanese people, young and old, it is believed that these water sources are capable to prolong a youth and to heal from almost any ailment.

Attractions in Japan a lot, even though during the war the country experienced two nuclear explosions, in mountainous areas you can see many ancient buildings, most of which are still functioning as monasteries. All sights in Japan is difficult to see in a short period of time, in order to get acquainted with this country, you have to live in it for years, and if you are planning to go on holiday, choose the most complete excursion or stay here longer if possible.

If You know what’s good about Japan, please write in the comments below. Good luck.

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