Wedding traditions that surprise.

The wedding celebration traditional. Newfangled how would she not tried to be organized and conducted, usually from biting the loaf, the smashing of glasses, the collection of money in sliders “the boy-girl” and other usual actions on this holiday can not do. However, some novelty and originality still want. Therefore, the wedding portal the has decided to collect and present your readers the most unusual traditions and rituals for the wedding from different parts of the planet. Perhaps something each of you can adopt for your own celebration.

The top 9 most unexpected wedding customs

Ninth place

In Japan the drink is considered to be newlyweds sake (rice wine). But must hold it in a special way: at nine SIPS. The most important is the first one. It was after him, the spouses can rightly be called spouses.

Eighth place

On the island on the other side of the Eurasian continent tells a different tradition: after pronouncing vows of fidelity new husband must put his wife on the shoulders of a plaid shawl, fastening it with pins of silver.

Incidentally, the color of the scarf should reflect traditionally accepted in the family of the spouse.

Seventh place

An alternative for toddlers children’s “fundraising” was invented in Greece. Traditionally on the wedding ceremony arranged a special dance. Together with the newlyweds start dancing and guests, and at the same time attached to the outfits of the heroes of the occasion multi-colored bills.

There is another Greek wedding tradition – a special preparation of the Bridal bed for the first night. Before you put on the bed of the spouses, it needs to jump, to run, to indulge children. On giving it promises family prosperity and abundance.

Sixth place

He distinguished himself in the wedding ceremonies, of course, and Africa. The tradition, which later became widespread in America, is through jumping the broom. This is the subject of the Africans symbolizes home and family life. Therefore, they find themselves in one jump on the other side of the broom, the bride and groom start their common path.

There is another curious custom associated with the broom. The African tribe of Kgatla young wife after the wedding helps to sweep the courtyard. This act means that she is ready to deal with the economy in the groom’s house and then in their own home.

Fifth place

Special meaning in wedding tradition put the Indians Navajo. For example, a bridesmaid dress must be four-color. Each color means a specific side of light: blue – South, black – North, orange – the West and white to the East.

With the cardinal points and other related customs of this tribe. At the wedding ceremony the couple must be rotated to the East where the sun rises. So the pair was face to face with the beginning of a new life and enter into a joint future.

Fourth place

But the British believe that the appointed wedding day doesn’t mean that the bride and groom become husband and wife. First we need to pass the test of endurance! And not a strong man, and the bride. In order to get married, the girl must lift the cover of the Church chest, as if opening their happiness and future. The task is not simple: have to lift considerable weight. Importantly, not ruptured, and even the wedding will not want.

Third place

Do not lag behind in the English quirkiness of the wedding traditions of the Germans. In Germany before the triumph of her husband checking on neatness and thrift. Making his girlfriend a proposal, the young man must sweep the stairs of city hall. And the bride in turn evaluates the quality of completed “service”. Especially appreciate this tradition in Bremen.

Second place

But it is better to clean up a few stairs than to literally be beaten, as it happens in Nigeria. The bride’s relatives the entire crowd fell on the groom and test his readiness for the challenges of life. For this special built rite “corridor of people”, “armed” sticks.

First place

And the most unusual wedding tradition in Chechnya adopted. Here during the wedding feast the men have to sit separately from women, and the bride… standing in the corner. And not just a couple of minutes and the whole holiday. As they say, “fault”. But instead of congratulations, guests shouting “Get me that water. “, so it is made. In this case the request should be executed. Offered bowls of the guests then takes a SIP and throws money there.


Wedding traditions that surprise.
The wedding celebration traditional. Newfangled how would she not tried to be organized and conducted, usually from biting the loaf, the smashing of glasses, the collection of money in sliders…

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