Vino the two Koreas

Why the crisis Koreiskom postrow constantly on povtoryatsya, but not at pererastayut spravzhnyu between Vino punchy I Putnam.

Nastavni the crisis, most naprozen part ako fell on knezi Serena the 2015 year, many analtics nazivali prelude to cause vine on Koreiskom postrow, pichet Scott Snyder, Director, Program on US-Korea Policy, colons, opubco at No. 35 magazine Reporter from 4 September 2015 year. Punchy ., ” Pivdenna Korea klca days wholesale wojownik I even went out obmenyalis artyleryjski volleys.

Experts said that all great krovoprolitiya the end, and then nd the global vinoy with zastosuvannya aderno sbro. Hello to all TL mene Bula crisis lachey cerchovem act ballet, which already many years on Rosgranitsa Koreiskom postrow, de skin the participant knows two Rukhi sandaled – datamovie an institution need only the Canon of tantsu.

Ostan 25 years, after the collapse of the cpcp I rozpad socalsteve the Tabor, the very Creasy teplytsia between Pyongyang and Seoul constantly. They even can but highlight the key FASI. They were three.

Initially the company produced yde incident, which more often vlastova army Punce Core. TSE artyleryjski obstbl positions susd ABO zateplena Corvette Cheonan in 2010 rotsi newcomen pdvdrip conom. Although sometimes even incident not Patran – [ pochinayuchi raptovo just to use agresivno rhetoric.

Price is often dictated vnutri reasons. So, to Vlady in Seoul can come a new government, which need pokazati his MCL. ABO Chergui nasadok Km of IP usadku Hay Vlad and sale of saviti slomo of herself to the world.

Nastupnoho phase – escalate. Uradi W oboh Boku zayavlyayut, what tanks I bojov coral silisili msca postino dislocat I vyruchili demilitarization in the area. Parties can obmenivatsya artyleryjski blows and zvynuvachuiemo one one in provocations.

But then Nasta Treta phase – have a friendly chat. Parties znovu pokazhut the good will I gotovnosti to compromise.

Exactly the self I was now. Pivdennodonbaske patrol pedrasa in demilitarizing son on mini mini. Klika people ottimale WAIK paranena. I Saul said, scho Qiu mo specjalno put road safety patrol. Pyongyang superacval TSE.

Pivdenna Korea in vdpug on vybuh turned the system on huchnomovets cordon. C stanz boules stvoren many years I translunary propagandists promove at the address Punce Core. W 2000 roku huchnomovets not included. And now Seoul Qiu saisa povernuti practice. Only now through the cordon passed modo zi capital’s music hit parade.

Pyongyang lately duzhe bolseno to be placed-on which vpliva their UMI is the day that I vicerp lachey klika days of pop music. Then I install BC W Huckabee Bulo care klika salps. Ale punchholes Vyskov beat W small kalpu I streljali visoko, shells palely in the forest behind the kit.

After an hour of pevny from South Korea wapuli gulp, ale znovu not sure. And almost immediately poculica have a friendly chat, in which God [demobilise vniknut the music and begin a dialogue on divisome run.

Uradi in both Koreas Chudovo razumot, Vina high scho bude samolubny for hnh countries. , hto b u tions not Perang, postrv to Obinitsa in galuga Stan

The development of body not becoming less amazing. Uradi in both Koreas Chudovo razumot, Vina high scho bude samolubny for hnh countries. , hto b u tions not Perang, postrv to Obinitsa in galuga Stan. The stench is not ready dopustiti real escalas conflct.

Vodnochas before swoni peoples need pokazati napkinsthe. The authority lder Punce Core Km Chan Ina lately trimatic in his image gorstkova ldera. Znaczna and the part of population pivdennoukrainska Dallastown negatively schodo susd. No not the Choc proyavlyat Slast, but I no not want the real wine. The parties obmazyvanija demonstraram agrees.

Now lderly have a friendly chat between the two powers is not far off. Pokey Nusratullo, Chi prinesut the stench of dyplomatyczny PRORIV on Koreiskom postrow. But the DPRK all silence potrebu postachannja the goods from promislovih pudenda suski and Respublic Korea hochut the world.



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