Unusual Sexual traditions of the peoples of the world


Some people prefer exotic in some respects. But were they all known sexual traditions of certain tribes and Nations? Even if these facts never come up in practice in most people, the information itself is very entertaining.

1. Tropiansky on the Islands of the sexiest and most intimate affection is recognized as the gnawing eyelashes sexual partner.

2. Once in Korea believed that most men excites an injection needle into the penis by 1-2 cm By the way, here you can find a much more traditional medications for men’s health.

3. In Micronesia, the men of one of the tribes called Ponape, believe that women have the painful stinging bites of ants. They are specially caught and stored in boxes.

4. In other African tribes sexual traditions are also associated with ants. Sexual partners give the ants stinging his buttocks, and then cause the place is becoming one big erogenous zone.

5. In Eastern Bolivia, in the tribe of Sironi it has long been a tradition to clean each other of parasites – lice, mites, fleas and other insects. Moreover, the lovers immediately and ate these parasites is demonstrated intimacy and trust to the partner. It was believed that this tradition of tribal remains from their ancestors-the monkeys. However, everything else, it turned out that one of the types of lice, which eat sironia before intercourse, has a strong stimulating effect, which prolongs arousal for many hours. Perhaps that is why the Indians of this tribe often have sex for 5-6 hours every day.

6. Zimbabweans in the opposition of almost the whole world, I love dry sex. It is assumed here that the friction between the partners harder the hotter. Therefore, women of Zimbabwe even rubbed the genitals of certain herbs that are dried even more intimate region, and the men doing special scars, and of broken rice on his sexual organ so that the friction is strong.

7. In South Africa there is a tribe of Hottentots, where men are taken to amputate one of the testicles. It is believed that it is born twins, which is considered a curse to the tribe.

8. In Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Kuwait and many other Muslim countries still preserved the tradition of ceremonial defloration. During the wedding ritual hymen should publicly break with your right thumb, wrapped in a white cloth, which will have to be scarlet. It proves the innocence of the bride before the wedding, and this despite the fact that after this custom, the wife will be able to show your face only your spouse and no one else.

9. In some tribes of Equatorial Africa defloration is still outrageous. Young virgins, according to tradition, sent jungle to the first man became a male gorilla. If the girl fails to lure the monkey, then branded her a shameful reputation – even to seduce the monkey could not. Thus, the greater injury had been unhappy, the more they respected her and the higher she then took a place in the hierarchy of his tribe.

10. And on the island of Sumatra in the role of the tribe of the first men executed the bride’s father, assisted by his brothers and mother’s brothers, regardless of age of men. Happened and the situation that lodges were going unhappy about 20-30 men of all ages.

11. Relatively better cases deflowering was the case in ancient India: this procedure is performed by specially trained people through the phallus of wood or stone for a certain amount of money. The decision about what you need to carry out this procedure, he took the girl’s mother. In addition, after unpleasant procedures the girl vagina was administered herbal remedies and leaves that reproached the process of healing and stop the pain. Another interesting detail: the blood, which lost the girl during the procedure, the parents could collect and use in creating the love potion.

12. Similar procedure was carried out in almost all the tribes of South America: deprived of virginity wooden Dildo, after which the vagina was decontaminated with the help of special plants.

13. In Papua New Guinea to deprive the girl of innocence could only the high priest with a wooden knife. And the groom was obliged to give his bride to other men, so they can “test” it. And only after the marriage the wife was obliged to remain faithful.

14. Differently been reported in some tribes of Africa. There, on the contrary, girls vagina just sewed even in his childhood, and only shortly before the wedding at a special Council of elders “discovers” it.

15. In the 19th century Europe learned to feign virginity: first blood was simulated using fish bladder, blood-soaked sponges and other women’s tricks. Now the “return” of virginity is an ordinary operation.

16. In Japan virgin can be recognized only by profuse bleeding, so to simulate introduced special balls that are filled with liquid, resembling blood.

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