The gion Matsuri

Holidays Japan holidays stand out among other countries of the East their specificity and originality. This is caused by the special mentality of the Japanese people, its traditions, respect your roots. Japan is a country that combines all the good that was still in her “reclusive” century, and the best that borrowed during the last century in other countries. Regarding holidays, the country is still faithful to its beliefs and traditions, many national holidays are similar to European, they surprise with their themed and delight at the same time. An example is the gion festival, held annually in July.

It is conducted on the streets of the gion district of this ancient capital Kyoto, which is located 200 miles from the modern capital Tokyo. In Kyoto it is an ancient Shinto Shrine, Yasaka Shrine. The roots of this tradition go back to the year 869, when the capital broke out in a terrible plague. To stop this, the messenger of the Emperor went to the temple, Yasaka Shrine – the temple of the God susanoo (when the temple had another name – Giosa). By order of the Emperor before a temple was established 66 halberds – as much as it was of Japan’s provinces at the time. Residents also prayed to the gods for healing. The Emperor and the people believed that halberds have magical significance and eliminate the epidemic. Continue reading

I lived in North Korea

At the turn of the new Millennium, when I was 10, I learned that, it turns out, Korea is divided into 2 pieces: the Northern and southern. When my father announced that we were going to live in Korea, I was delighted. Well, of course! Developed country, sea, ocean, culture, is all a child attracted badder than new cartridges for Sega. And then I found out that we’re going into another Korea.

Tell me, dear to my heart the reader, do you know what the second name is proudly North Korea? No, not the DPRK. Or rather Yes, but no. It is also called “the land of morning calm”. Nice, right? And that’s part of it. I have been in many countries (more often by accident than on their own), but such a pristine and beautiful nature never seen. I think except for Kamchatka. The air there is so pure that his hungry mouth, like a fish on land, and to require supplements. This air made even the most filthy kebab piece of art, because he could easily be replaced with spices and sauce. Speaking of art. Such landscapes, Shishkin would have gone crazy being there! What do you like, dear reader? Mountains? Please this stuff in bulk. Sea? Receive and sign for it. Sandy/rocky/wild beach? Easily! Forest? They are everywhere! However crazy you can go there not only impressionable romantics, but more on that later. First the good.

Kitchen. I love food, Continue reading

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Happy holidays!
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