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Cold steel Japan

Especially interesting from the point of view of the development and use of bladed weapons is Japan. Enough to throw a timid, shallow look at the history of the Japanese state to understand the fact that the entire ancient history of the country is one big bloody battle. Unlike the continental wars of the dark ages and all the feudal period. the war on the island of Japan was not only a real art, and heavy. First, all the warring parties had the same level of technological development. Secondly, each of the belligerents of the war the Japanese had a similar doctrine of war. Thirdly, technique of warfare and strategy was also about the same.

A glance at the history of bladed weapons of Japan

Melee weapons don’t always dominated on the field of bloody battle in a brutal war of ancient Japan. Before swords and daggers became popular in Japan was the era of bow and spear. Attitude to cold steel in the rising sun country has always been special.

The ancient Japanese believed that swords are bearers of the spirit. Samurai sword is a symbol of one of the oldest cultures of human civilization. Let’s look at what were the types of swords, when and for what purpose they were created. Yes, you read that right! Not all swords were only created for killing enemies. But more on this below.

Katana is a perfect melee Continue reading

Unusual traditions and customs

In different countries there are customs and traditions which we, the Slavs, to put it mildly unacceptable or incomprehensible. With some you can see, as for me, very interesting and funny points there that is useful to know just in case )))

In the States it is not customary to pay the restaurant for the woman. It is believed that these men emphasize their financial superiority.

In China it is customary to slurp away, but otherwise the hosts may find their food unpalatable. Silently there in China is to insult the owners and cooks. Sauces and spattered the tablecloth after a meal is proof that you ate with gusto and it was delicious.

In China it is not customary to bring flowers to the hostess. It is believed that this stress guests, this house is so ugly that they bring decorations with them.

In Finland it is not customary to make public compliments. It is considered that the public are not considered compliments.

In Norway it is not customary to do a lot of compliments in the face, to praise (except your family) is considered a flattery, a man loses a lot in society. In school it is not customary to praise a pupil in the presence of all the others, to declare the assessment is to put it above Continue reading

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