Top 10 strangest Japanese gadgets

Through the efforts of Japanese physicians and designers were created by the pump against a double chin, “kokoshnik”massager head, hairpin concealer for the nose and many other non-beauty-device. This review focuses on ten of the strangest Japanese gadgets, prolonging youth and beauty.

Silicone “lips” Face Slimmer return tone sagging (e.g. after a sudden loss) of the skin. The instruction is as simple as funny. The simulator needs to be fastened in the mouth and within three minutes to pronounce the vowels. According to the manufacturer, these exercises allow you to use twelve facial muscles and keep sweetly sharp contours. Face Slimmer cost – about $ 80.

Silicone “the lips” Face Slimmer – strange Japanese gadget for tightening skin

Beauty Voice Trainer is a more unusual beauty gadget that helps to find a high and pleasant voice. The special design of the simulator changes the usual position of the tongue and forces the user to breathe through the diaphragm. For setting the right mood and tone with Beauty Voice Trainer is supplemented by a tuning fork. The price of the kit is about $ 60.

Beauty Voice Trainer – Japanese gadget for the “settings”

melodious voice

To the uninitiated a truly strange Japanese gadget Beauty Lift High Nose Electric will seem like a weapon of the medieval Inquisition. Actually, the device is designed to correct the shape (too flat or snub) nose. To make the nose “harder” and lift the tip enough to use daily frightening beauty tool within three minutes. Powered from standard batteries, Beauty Lift High Nose Electric generates weak electrical impulses, are gradually changing the owner of the objectionable shape. Sometimes beauty requires a real torture.

Beauty Lift High Nose Electric – Japanese electromenager

for the correction of nose shape at home

Houreisen firming mask Face Mask Exercise allows you to benefit from fellowship and just talk about anything. Before you dial the number of a friend, to be mounted on a face mask and pulling his lips. For maximum effect manufacturers recommend chatter for at least ten minutes.

Houreisen Face Exercise Mask – firming mask for fans to chat

Another way to give volume to a flat nose – wearing gentle Beauty Nose Butterfly stimulator . The developers guarantee the same efficiency that equals the impact of a similar electromenager. In addition, cosmetic session with a “barrette”butterfly takes no more than 5 minutes.

“Hairpin” Beauty Nose Butterfly – gentle gadget for the correction of nose shape

The creators of the strange anti-aging device Facial Lift At Once almost guarantees an instant lifting. Installing and enabling the empty, need to wait for the tingling to wait three or four minutes.

Facial Lift At Once – “dummy” for adults who wish to become younger

For those of you who suffer from pain in the neck or unsightly this part of the body created by gadget the Rhythm Slim Chin Muscle Exercise . working on the principle of the pump.

Pump the Rhythm Slim Chin Muscle Exercis – strange Japanese gadget for neck braces

Head Kenzan Japanese Massager – Japanese beauty gadget for nonconventional massage of the head. If you believe the statement, “kokoshnik” you can use as many as 92 ways.

“the Shawl” Head Kenzan Japanese Massager – unconventional gadget for scalp massage

Like tentacles massage pads Electric Eye Slack Haruka struggling with bags and dark circles under the eyes. When activated, the mechanism starts to vibrate and generate heat sealing and, consequently, smoothing the skin.

Eye Slack Haruka Electric – trainer-“feelers” from the circles

and bags under the eyes

Silicone glasses Mejikara Anti-Wrinkle Glasses look relatively innocent, but the owners promise a speedy rejuvenation around the eyes.

Anti-aging silicone glasses Mejikara Anti-Wrinkle Glasses

«Spice» recommended: safe way to whiten teeth at home

Simple, effective and safe remedy which can be successfully used alone, without a trip to the dentist, pencil for tooth whitening Pro White Luxury. Edition of “Highlights” ran the tool on itself – confirm that the tool is indeed effective and safe.

Its technology is based on the use of professional whitening gel containing 35% carbamide peroxide — a substance which under the light LED bulbs emit oxygen and unlike other technologies allows painless and absolutely harmless to professionally whiten your teeth.

This method does not cause side effects, does not damage tooth enamel and allows you to whiten your teeth 6-10 shades on the scale of Witt in one application.

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