Top 10 most unusual sexual customs of the peoples of the world

Normal sexual intercourse at all is considered normal in their own way. What for one person is normal sexual behavior for another – a perversion. It is primarily concerned with the sexual morality of the entire nation. We have 10 of the most unusual sexual preferences of peoples of the world that exist today and existed in the past.

1. Northern Kamchatka

Till today in the villages of Northern Kamchatka the actual honored tradition, so to speak, for centuries. According to this tradition the wife of the owner of the house is offered to the guest as a companion for the night. Pleasing the guest is the spouse of the head of the family is ready at 100%. In addition, in the case of pregnancy after a “guest” connection, and the owner of the house and the whole village rejoice because this heralds good fortune and prosperity to the village.

2. Tibet

Before to become the lawful wife, the girl should enjoy to the fullest the joy of love with a minimum of ten sexual partners.

3. Nepal

In this country to be the wife of several men is the norm. Usually have a few brothers in the truest sense of the word one wife. This tradition survived and in the Himalayas. The fact is that in this region of fertile land is very small, therefore the birth of another son means the division of the territory where the offspring would have settled with his entire family. In order to save the earth, and created such a family hostel, where one spouse enjoys the attention of several men.

4. Mesopotamia

According to the ritual of ancient Babylon every law-abiding resident should have to go through the act of sacrifice to the goddess of love Ishtar. So, the girl went into the sanctuary of the goddess, sat down in plain view and was expecting a stranger to the man she will choose. For bedding joy “the client” gave the lady a coin. Ritual meant only one sexual act as giving tribute to the gods. But some of vavilonjane regularly practiced such “sacrifices” make to unauthorized representatives of the stronger sex “interesting vacation” for a fee, which, incidentally, gave to the needs of the temple.

5. Zaire, Congo

Girls in these African countries with particular trepidation been saving his virginity until marriage. But kept the integrity of the ladies not for the spouse. The point is, to deprive of virginity of a bride was considered an honorable duty of the chief of the tribe. But if he could not cope with the task, you instantly could lose power. Immediately elected a new, more responsible and dedicated leader.

6. Oceania

Innocence kept as the Apple of the eye and ladies of Oceania. But again, the right to deprive of virginity of the bride was not the bridegroom and his friends. The rite of cutting the hymen is first passed through the stone knife, and then in a natural way. All this action took about three days. Obessilennaya fully on the young lady returned to the groom.

7. Egypt

Public defloration preserved in Egypt to this day. According to tradition during the ritual wedding the husband should with his own hands to break the hymen of his future second half. Moreover, it is necessary to perform a white cloth was wrapped around his index finger. Red matter confirmed the purity of the bride. Immediately after this ritual the bride is obliged to show her face only to her husband, and the men wear the burqa.

8. Japan

Today the Japanese cultivate sexual organ. Especially brightly it is expressed at the celebration of Kanamara Matsuri dedicated to the fertility. During the celebration on the streets of Japan are carrying papier-mache phalluses huge. At the celebration, you can also purchase toys, jewelry, figurines, and even the phallic shaped lollipops. The sophistication of sex in the days of Kanamara Matsuri can’t describe in words even the Japanese themselves.

9. Ancient Greece

In Ancient Greece existed a notion of “paiderastia,” which is meant love to the boys of 12 years, i.e., to the guys who have already started to grow a beard. Senior man (erastes) had to care for and love paiderastia. Contain boys under twelve years of age, was looked on as something shocking, although there are no laws prohibiting it was not.

10. Northern Colombia

In Northern Colombia, a tradition that directly has to do with the incest, was discovered in a tribe of Cahaba. Although for centuries the incest in this region was considered a serious crime. Punishment for incest was repeated copulation. The difference is that the second time the semen was collected, wrapped in cloth and gave to the priest. He gave a “gift” to the spirits of sexuality. Only then the action can be considered fully redeemed.

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