Tiger Tattoo

The meaning of the tiger tattoo

Now attracts many tattoo tiger . this is not surprising, since the tigers are at all times symbolized the extraordinary power, passion and ferocity. They are among the most beautiful predators, as they have a very rich and unusual color.

Some countries (especially Asia) is not of the opinion that the king of beasts is a powerful and beautiful lion. Moreover, they argue that the king of the jungle is the tiger, and have positioned it as a symbol of power.

Like many contemporary tattoos, tigers are depicted in a realistic (usual) form, which makes it even more interesting and in some ways brings it closer to its natural habitat conditions.

In many Asian civilizations tiger is a very significant symbol. Many indigenous tattooing in India, Burma, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, China, Japan and Malaysia contain images of tigers. Tiger was usually in the images associated with power, strength, violence, great sensuality, beauty, rage, speed.

If in the dream there was a tiger, this man predicted the awakening of a new force or a great passion.

In Asia the tiger was the symbol of strength and great power, particularly Royal. Tigers in Asia the same status among beasts, like lions in Europe or the middle East.

The Koreans believed the tiger the king of beasts. In Hinduism the God Shiva, when showing their most destructive quality, is portrayed in clothes of tiger skin and riding a tiger appears.

Tiger, most often, is perceived as the personification of power and strength, moreover it can bear the destruction and violence. The tiger symbolizes in different situations of life or death, it is attributed also destructive and evil. In China, to our days the image of the tiger is used to frighten evil spirits. In front of the buildings with this purpose, set the stone tigers that perform a protective function from the forces of evil. During the Zhou dynasty it was customary to place in the room of a pregnant figure with an image of tiger that was supposed to frighten evil spirits and to protect the pregnant woman and the unborn baby. In some areas there was a belief that the tiger attack on humans occurs as a punishment from the gods to him.

In Asian cultures, you can often find stories about people, changing their appearance and becoming tigers, as is the case with oberta. According to ancient legends, the Tibetans and some other ethnic groups of China are descended from a tiger. In this context, these ethnic groups there is a custom to give children in the day of age figurines of tigers.

Tigers – cruel and Dickie, they are painted in the colors of sun and shade. Tigers in the representation of the people in Asia to Express the ferocity, passion and strength.

Tiger tattoos often depict these very qualities.

Very often in many tiger tattoos portray very realistic. They live it just like it is in the natural conditions. Tigers can be depicted in various poses and positions – supine in the sunshine, creeping, sitting in the shade of the trees, licking a paw.

There are tattoos with more sophisticated plots, including the image of the tiger. Very often, the artists on these tattoos are resorting to emphasized stylized forms, they tigers have a long and elongated shape.

If you unleash the imagination, you can come to a very stylish drawings, presenting the image of the tiger as the engraving. So you can make a drawing, folding the image of a tiger from the branches of a tree dark color, or even burnt wood. A good option would be the image of a tiger, as if disappearing in the sunset or confluent with the rays of the bright sun.

For tattoo, you can find a suitable image from many images symbolic of the Asian tiger. In Chinese astrology the tiger is the third sign of the zodiac. In this regard, the image of the tiger there are many, you can choose among the canonical images, there is also a large number of tattoos with the tiger.

During the celebration of the New year in the Chinese calendar on the streets, there are many traditional Chinese culture the tiger images. Many of these drawings would become the basis for a tattoo. Such images tiger has a wild expression, large eyes, round head, bared teeth or gaping maw. These drawings are very colorful and multicolored, but more often depict the tiger in a bright red color. Another one with a tiger tattoo can be the tattoo based on the classic Indian images of gods, which in some cases could only move around on the tigers. You can often find the image of a tiger along with the dragon image, which are located relative to each other in the form of the famous symbol of Yin – Yang. These two creatures symbolize power and being on a single image, represent the power of heaven and earth.


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