The Most amazing Christmas traditions.

New year – it is a Celebration and arguing with them is pointless. The new year came a hundred and two hundred thousand years ago. In this regard the undeniable fact that for centuries all over the world have developed their own special Christmas traditions. No matter how amazing and unique they are, all but one complied with the only one objective – to the coming year was a good one, filled with prosperity, love and peace. People believed and believe that, if we make some simple manipulations the last day of or first day of the new year, everything bad will be left behind in the past, and the future will be the most serene and happy!

Blizzard Argentine and Japanese tranquility

In this in all cities of the country it is snowing and blowing a Blizzard of… old calendars, forms, statements and other paper office. Office workers with undisguised delight throw away all outdated documents out the Windows of the offices and by noon in the Central streets grow drifts of paper. Great tradition – a year of accumulated stress from the paperwork goes out the window!

The Japanese people are calm, rational and traditions are quite decent, filled with deep meaning. For example, the Christmas tradition Kakizome, which clearly shows age-old Japanese love to calligraphy.Everyone who know how to write Japanese, takes paper, ink and beautiful – writes, draws! Spring, longevity and eternal youthfulness – in the form of hieroglyphs appear on paper. Time need to 5 January, and on the 14th to burn if the burning sheet will catch away the wind, so desires were sincere and will come true!

On the arrival of the New year in Japan is recognized by 108 strikes of the bell, each coming from a Buddhist temple. Each person has 108 worries and vices and every blow of the bell banishes one of them. Actually defects in its pure form only 6, but each of them, according to the beliefs of the Japanese, has 18 shades! And why in the New year worries and vices? Let them go…

Italian and Peruvian fun fights

Everyone knows that Italians are cheerful people, and traditions so they are not boring. About how they throw out the window old furniture we’ve heard since childhood, although it is believed that this is the bike for tourists. Although the trash to throw out before the New year many would not hurt, because it is believed that the more you throw away unnecessary things, the happier will be the new year. And yet the Italians are very fond of his Santa Claus – Babb Natal . This love is manifested in the fact that the new year’s eve, they meet in the red underwear, even men, down to socks. If you new year’s eve meet on the street a policeman in red socks – good luck! Unless, of course, the new year meet you in Italy. And that’s nothing compared to the more ancient Roman tradition to jump into the Tiber from the bridge new year’s eve for good luck!

If you think that Italian Christmas traditions the most fun – are wrong! The Peruvians just gave everyone a head start! Fans of extreme sports for the New year is here. If in Italy throw old things in Peru are struggling with bad emotions. Method brawls in New year’s eve. Bad thoughts and bad emotions literally wrest from each other. In a ritual fight all involved, regardless

from age and gender. Flogged each other for all their deeds in the passing year and enter into the battered New year – but with pure thoughts. And that’s not all… New year’s eve is the most dangerous to appear on the street bachelors! According to the custom at that time strolling through the streets unmarried girls with willow twigs in hand. No, they don’t hit the bars guys, it’s much more dangerous! They just offer to touch willow twigs and the one to whom such an offer was made – obliged to marry!

The heat in Scotland, Swiss, tree, and Ireland all the way around!

Blast-it-all . – say the Scots and light. In Scotland new year’s eve ride through the streets with burning barrels of tar, symbolizing the departure of the Old year. Imagine how love new year watch Scottish fire… In Switzerland still as lovely – roam the city streets is a live Christmas Tree! Walking Christmas tree sing, dance, jingle the bells, and Swiss residents of rural settlements are forced to give them food, booze and money. The truth is with them and they give evil spirits, if they lived in the house.

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