Street fashion cities in the world

Street fashion is markedly different from what can be seen during the shows of famous designers at the next fashion weeks. The usual style of urban dwellers is a unique combination of your own taste and the latest trends and classic models that hardly ever lose its relevance.

Each country has its own characteristics of street fashion that distinguish it from the others. Very bright individual style manifests the major cities in France and Japan – States that already not the first year legislators are all fashion trends of the world. What can be seen on the normal avenues of Tokyo or Paris?

Street fashion Paris

Than, according to most people on the planet, are Parisian? Elegance, taste, glamor, the ability to wear even the most bizarre outfits? Yes, because the glory of the capital of world fashion obliges the inhabitants of this European metropolis. The style is evident not only on the catwalk, where talented designers present their new collections, but also on regular streets. People can show their individuality by means of clothing – to Express themselves, and to reject stereotypes about the French and their appearance. Street fashion Paris is not always what show fashion channels, because here the main role is played not global trends, and his own attitude of residents who look exactly as I want them.

Everyday look women living in Paris is really a curious sight: he has little in common with the established style of the French women “black dress purse and compact”. Street fashion local population is a combination of charm, comfort, tradition and personality. However, to capture this mood first sight almost impossible.

Important role in the formation of everyday Parisian style plays weather: winters are moderately cold, autumn is dry and very pleasant, summers are hot and occasionally humid. Due to this, in the wardrobe of any Parisian ladies are weightless as light shirts and heavy warm coat. designed for harsh (by their standards) cold. However, all of these things quite often worn as a set, presenting a completely unthinkable combination of styles, models and colors.

Individual attention, scarves, Parisians often associated with these accessories, because I love and know how to wear them. For them, this detail is not a way to hide the neck from the cold, and the flawless image element, and it can be as a voluminous scarf, and a knitted shawl. This accessory is selected even for a summer suit, the maximum opening of the body so that it can rightly be considered the main focus of street fashion of Paris.

Another feature of French style is the restraint in colors, so that the various “predatory” prints are difficult to see here. Most Parisian women choose a layered outfit, and each element is quite simple in its design. For example, on top is worn a vest, then coat with a long scarf.

Japanese street fashion

Perhaps it is Japanese street fashion is a most amazing sight. Europeans may seem that he came to the masquerade, and it involves all the residents.

Japan is a country of traditions, the lifestyle here has not changed for centuries, without mixing with other cultures due to geographic isolation. It is because of the abundance of customs and the strict upbringing of the modern youth of this country seeks by all means to Express their individuality and “otherness” in the shape of ordinary Japanese.

On the streets of even large cities such as Tokyo, Osaka or Yokohama, it is still possible to see women in traditional kimono and shoes, the appearance of which for several centuries virtually unchanged. Near bright ethnic outfits for young Japanese people look even more impressive is the layering of garments, flashy make-up, hairstyles unimaginable colors and tacky plastic decorations.

Contrary to the country stereotypes of beauty (white skin, Asian eyes, severe updo) modern girls want to look different. With makeup or plastic surgery they change the shape of the eyelids on the “European” and to change the color of the face using the bronzer and tanning. Of course, the taste of the inhabitant of the old world Japanese street fashion is the abundance of things and colors that may not be combined with each other, but nevertheless it does not matter.

Popular among short girls dresses as little girls or anime characters: in such clothes any Japanese girl looks both sexy and innocent, which allows her to feel not like everyone else. People who come to this country, not immediately possible to get used to that street was like “salad”, mixed from hundreds of different styles, subcultures and currents, which, oddly enough, get along well together creating a unique look to Japan and its street fashion.

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