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North Korea once again confirmed its status as a dangerous state. Until the whole world froze in anticipation of a nuclear attack by the DPRK, South Korea stated that as a result of the sack of hacker attacks from its neighbor on the Peninsula, was destroyed confidential information with fifty thousand computers.

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No evil does not go unnoticed. Retribution overtakes any villain! Yes it does, only here, retribution, overtaken, often pass by and not ocslaa to the fifth point of the guilty.

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The Koreans decided that they are not descended from monkeys. Don’t know the reasons that led them to doubt that their ancestors were apes, and they evolved into people just because they have learned to work and produce fire, but the fact remains — The Ministry of education, science and technology of South Korea announced that examples of evolution would be deleted from textbooks. So-called Society for the revision of textbooks has long advocated that the “correct views” on the origin and development of life on Earth… were probably revised at the discretion of this Society.

And indeed, each country has its own legend, tale and stories about how Bela was life on our planet. It would be great to hear the story of witnesses, not the dreamers with the inflamed imagination, but alas, we are deprived of such happiness…

But the Society, which is an offshoot of the Korea Association of creation research, steadily promotes the myth from the biblical book of Genesis, which for me is surprisingly enough – additional sound believable myths, which they say in Korea, even though they are just unproven by anyone else the imprint of imagination. But I don’t want to talk about religion – I want to talk about the achievements of science and technology.

In 2008, Land was held in Seoul creationist exhibition, which brought the founders a very good income, because of a great success. Now, the organizers want to hold another exhibition, which runs for three months. It is likely that the organizers will subsequently be wanting to open an exhibition of the indefinite… for now it will be interesting, and therefore profitable for the organizers themselves. The funny thing is the Korean Institute of science and technology already has a creationist stand, standing since 1993. It was installed by believers in creationism scientists, and the Institute has its own creationist science Association.

Yes, Darwin’s theory many opponents and it’s clear: too many contradictions found in his theory, which was very relevant in the NINETEENTH century. I think after 1-2 century, and supporters of the creationist theory also remains little evidence of his innocence… a Time will put everything in its place!

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A curious incident occurred the other day with U.S. President Barack Obama. when he, during a visit to the demilitarized zone on the border of the two Koreas said U.S. troops: “You guys protect frontline of freedom”. Whether the American President has shown his utter incompetence in knowledge of geography, or whether the ambitions of the American President has no borders, because from Korea to America distance in half the world…what kind Of “frontiers of freedom” stated Obama is not known, but logically it is clear that this freedom someone wants to encroach, if it came to that to defend the “frontiers” have the invincible American army…maybe this “freedom” wants somewhere to invade, and the U.S. army goes on the “front-lines”?

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In the area Yonphendo Islands in the Yellow sea, again heard the explosions of shells fired from guns of the DPRK and South Korea. Again this country show each other strength and further exacerbate a very difficult relationship.

Today at 1:00 p.m. local time on military targets in South Korea were fired 3 artillery shells and the South Korean military claim that the bullet was fired from the DPRK. Information about victims or destructions are not present. The shells fell in the sea near the border of two warring countries.

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The airport in Seoul when boarding was fired on the passenger plane which has arrived from China of 119 passengers.

The military decided that this plane is a military plane in North Korea and began to fire at him. Calmed down after released 99 volleys.

Fortunately, anybody from passengers has not suffered, but the situation is appalling. Probably in South Korea fear of its Northern neighbour escalated to full military paranoia and ready upon the slightest suspicion of firing at its citizens.



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