Nude Japan.

Favourite cities — Tokyo and Kawasaki — dedicated

Japanese sex quite diverse.

From the book “These strange Japanese”

Japan. Country romantic dreams of millions of people from all corners of the globe. Since it opened the eyes of Europeans, it is composed myths and legends, telling about the extraordinary reserves of gold, strange beasts, strange customs, about the samurai ideal of masculinity — and the geisha — the standard of femininity. Over time, people learned that no gold bullion, nor the wonderful animals in Japan no. Have only geishas and Samurais. But it turned out that this is enough for hundreds of years to haunt the imagination of the inhabitants of the planet, seeking the ideal in everything. First of all in his personal life.

Travelers who first visited in Japan, has always been told about the nature, the political structure and the state of defence of that land, and (not least!) about the strange habits of the Japanese in the intimate sphere — they were so amazing. Geisha, courtesan-and after reaching zero, the monks who have sex with men and erotic prints-Shunga has always horrified and fascinated the Europeans. And if in the sixteenth century the Christian West surely knew that the Gentiles-the Japanese are utterly devoid of shame and of their need to “reforge”, forcing to return to the framework of Christian morality, it is closer to the XX century the Europeans appeared questionable in its own right — is too tempting looked and percivaliana until the end of the Japanese “Libertines” and “slut”.

Since that time hearts of white foreigners could not beat quietly at the word “Japan”. Arrogant and confident that their scale of values may be only true, they decided that soon the secrets of the intimate sphere of Japanese life unfold in front of them and they will change this life as easily as you changed the appearance of the Japanese dressed in their European costumes and dresses. Driven by desire, vain “red barbarians” has opened the era of voluptuous descriptions of Japanese sexual mores in travel magazines, novels enthusiastic about the geisha and scientific research erotic culture, admiring these morals and condemning them at the same time.

Very soon it became clear that in the framework of conventional ideas about erotica, even Oriental, Japanese realities don’t fit. Was, for example, that the Japanese are much more willing to talk about sex than do it. The relationship between men and women looked simple and natural, but in fact were confusing and complex. And the more the Europeans tried to figure it out, the harder it became to get to the truth. Japanese erotic culture was ancient, multi-dimensional and never stand still, escaping from the understanding. Sane judgment and scientific analysis easily superseded bright, favorite hungry for salinasca Western people, legends that geisha and prostitutes were in one piece, and the role of men in family life was limited to a readiness at any moment to commit Hara-Kiri.

Decades passed, and Japan has become one of the most developed countries of the world, but has leaped forward, and without ceasing to be incomprehensible and mysterious. The rest of the world over the sexual revolution, about the issues of family and marriage began to speak without any hesitation, and it suddenly seemed that the Japanese, which began to forget partially, learned how to discuss, draw and shoot it almost better than anyone. Finally the Japanese society opened to all comers the secrets of his intimate life, but. clearer it still did not. The shock, which for the past several hundred years have cast foreigners especially the Japanese national sex has become deeper. It turned out that even the famous and mysterious geisha Shunga — sheer nonsense, compared with what the Japanese are doing now. Animated films, displaying of which, it seems, even the red screen, salons with sophisticated facilities for “perverts”, “love hotels”, a strange family relationships — all of it, shamelessly open other people’s eyes, not only once again led the Europeans into a deep horror, but once again were forced to discover his desire for the Japanese and the Japanese, who clearly had the right to the title “the Most sexual creatures in the Universe.”

The Internet, globalization, teenage sexual revolution brought the desire of whites to the limit. Now and Russian girls-journalist write about what’s even on the map of the Japanese Islands they feel are giant curved phallus and they do not find the strength to resist the “call of love”, willing to surrender met in Moscow to Japanese. Pimply boys-nick is unable to hide the excitement at the sight of big-eyed girls “a La Sailormoon”, not less pimply nick-girls changing their sexual orientation, for example the same characters, grown men fumble the mouse on the world wide web in the hope to see refined Japanese prostitutes, and Mature women dream of a tireless and generous lovers of the samurai clan. And even the literal translation of the name of the country — kanji “Nihon” — began to sound somehow erotic:

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