North Korean stranger as tradition

The Communist state television North Korea showed the footage twice, which recently took on the powers of the President of the national young leader Kim Jong-UN is pictured next to an unknown young woman.

About the personal life of Kim Jong-UN, the illegitimate son of the former North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Il and grandson of North Korea’s founder Kim Il-Sung, is not known, so this news caught the attention of journalists and political scientists.

New North Korean leader appeared in the company of a young woman at the ceremony in memory of the founder of the DPRK Kim Il Sung, who died 18 years ago. The ceremony was held in the memorial Palace of Kumsusan, where lies the embalmed body of the author’s “teachings of Juche”. State television showed footage of Kim Jong UN and his companion aged 20-30 years together bow before the portrait of Kim Il Sung. This same woman dressed in a simple black suit, sat next to Kim Jong-UN during a concert of the State Symphony orchestra of the DPRK on 6 July.

Many South Korean media believe that it is the younger sister of Kim Jong UN – Kim Ye Chan, which, according to some, is also studied in Switzerland in the 90-ies. It is believed that she was standing behind his brother during the funeral of their father Kim Jong-Il in December last year. Since then, the whereabouts of Kim Yeo Jong was unknown.

There is also the assumption that the companion of Kim Jong UN – his wife or mistress.

One of the Seoul Newspapers reported citing a source in the South Korean intelligence that at official events Kim Jong UN was accompanied by the once popular singer Hyon song WOL, with which, according to rumors, the North Korean leader was having an affair, despite her marriage. The last time the TV showed the DPRK in March, when Hyun was in an advanced state of pregnancy. Official comments in this occasion the exploration of South Korea refused to give

Experts note that the first lady of North Korea rarely appear in public alongside men, so it is unlikely that Kim Jong-UN led into the light of a mistress or wife. “It could be the daughter of one of the mistresses of Kim Jong-Il”, – said in an interview with Agence France-press Professor of Seoul University, Yang Moo-Jin . According to him, Kim Jong-UN could demonstrate stability and unity of the ruling clan in North Korea.

The secrecy around the personal lives of North Korean leaders – typical of the DPRK phenomenon, because even the exact age of Kim Jong-UN is still not known.

About Eastern traditions and personal lives of North Korean authorities said orientalist Valentin Moiseev :

it ’ s Customs in North Korea, in principle, no different from the Eastern customs in General, and the presence of concubines, for example, the Governor – is a normal phenomenon here. In Communist North Korea the tradition is added to the permissiveness of the authorities, and it is quite feasible to consider that new woman surrounded by Kim Jong UN – or the wife, or concubine, or a mistress. The role of first lady in North Korea is generally negligible. The wife of Kim Il-Sung, according to tradition headed the Union of Korean women, but have played only a nominal role. It was just like the Soviet leaders: the wife of the General Secretary appeared on the rostrum of the congresses of the Union of Korean women, made a report, but as an independent person, and not as the spouse of a national leader. Wife son Kim Jong-Il and his father Kim Jong UN – Kim Jong Il ’ s difficult to talk at all. He had a wife, then there were mistresses, in fact, the current head of North Korea – a bastard, as far as we know.

I think that the television demonstration Kim Jong UN with a companion is not accidental. This may be a hint that the young leader wants to change a little the style of the Board. As a phenomenon, talking about it early: too little time has passed, Kim’s Third in power only half a year. But in any case – there is nothing fundamental in the country will not change, not in the interests of Kim Jong-UN to change something radically.

Actually in Korea there is a family cult and the cult of parents, but this tradition is inferior in importance to the cult of the father, because the Eastern head of the family – this is the father, and the woman plays a supporting role. There is no difference from whom the child was born – it is public opinion perceived the daughter or son of his father. Mothers and wives of North Korean leaders themselves are not important because there are great sons, and husbands, this is enough. Traditional Korean Oriental, the matrix proved to be quite successfully applied to the Communist system. Plus the Soviet experience – and here we are wondering who exactly at the concert of the Symphony orchestra Kim Jong-UN “one shared armrest”.

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