National dishes of different countries – where they learn to cook?

Really get to know the manners and customs of the country you can only get acquainted with national dishes. Both the food itself and the ways of its preparation and the rituals of eating are able to say about life and culture much more than any training manual. In the following material you will find a selection of tourist destinations and learn where you can go to explore the best culinary schools in the world and simultaneously learn to cook national dishes of these places.

Where tourists to learn to cook

If you love national dishes of different countries, isn’t it time to learn to cook for myself? Today we tell about the 10 best cooking schools in the world.

During this course you will be able to immerse into the culinary wisdom of Zanzibar, staying at one of the local small villages. You will learn about Arabic, Indian and Persian influences on local cuisine and visit the vegetable, fruit, fish markets and the spice market. Traveling through the Islands, students will be able to take practical lessons from the aboriginal. The curriculum includes workshops on a selection of spices, coffee and vegetables on cooking zanzibari coffee, curry, masala and desserts.

Famous chef and the author of many cookbooks, Susanna Trilling in Oaxaca state gives lessons for beginners and advanced cooks. She will tell you about Latin American and Mexican cuisine, about how to use spicy herbs to make your food not only tasty, but also curative. Courses include an element of exploring Mexican culture: tastings are held at the homes of local residents or on the market. There are also special courses on summer vegetables and forest mushrooms.

In the Japanese capital is a unique institution: there the best chefs share their secrets on preparing sushi and sashimi. If you are not ready to become a real student and to live in Japan, you should visit at least for our two introductory courses specifically for tourists. Even in that short time, you will learn about the possession of a knife, about how to make the rolls, and taste of sake.

This course includes the following lessons: homemade Moroccan cuisine from local women. You certainly bring to the market, where you can learn everything about Moroccan spices and learn how to haggle. Culinary lessons are held in the courtyard of a traditional house in Marrakech. There are courses devoted to dishes for dinner and vegetarian dishes. Souk Cuisine also conducts Culinary Week: you can purchase a package that includes not only lessons, but also a hotel with power.

Thai cooking school in Chiang Mai and offers the training for the day, and evening courses. Students will learn how to cook such dishes from the Thai menu, larb, Tom Yang soup, all kinds of snacks and desserts, learn about features homemade red and green curry pastes. All courses can accommodate the preferences of vegetarians. Students will bring home a recipe book and guide to Thai spices. And most importantly, the teachers will advise you what usual products you can replace unique components of Thai dishes at home.

This cooking school in the French capital offers a variety of courses on a rotating schedule. You can choose a training program, how to make croissants, various traditional dishes from seasonal ingredients, how to cook a real French dinner. The school also organizes excursions to the oldest market of Paris Maubert. The training is conducted in French and English.

The school teaches Khmer cooking traditions. The course includes visits to the market and a two-hour lesson in home cooking. The uniqueness of the program that is not prepared every time the same thing. You choose to market some products, and then tell you that you can create: papaya salad, fried rolls or curry. It all ends with a joint lunch, where students can try whatever they did.

Chef Andrea Console is ready to share its experience on preparation of traditional Roman dishes. Courses consist of five hours of lessons conducted from Monday to Saturday. You will learn how to make pasta, appetizers-antipasti, various main dishes and desserts. For an additional fee, students will be able to accompany the tasting of dishes cooked with wine.

In known cooking school Red Bridge, you can choose any course from basic for beginners to deep dives into the Vietnamese kitchen. Chefs are taught to cook Pho, fried rolls and all sorts of other local specialities. The program includes a visit to the market.

National dishes of different countries – where they learn to cook?
Really get to know the manners and customs of the country you can only get acquainted with national dishes. Both the food itself and the ways of its preparation and…

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