Main Korean holidays

South Korea is difficult to refer to countries with a large number of official holidays and weekends. Even more the situation worsens by the fact that the holidays, even if they fall on weekends, not just tolerated and “burn”. So Korean like no other, right after the new year staring at the calendar, and making plans already for the whole year ahead. Official holiday (and therefore officially the weekend) in Korea are the following.

– January 1. Celebration of New Year is celebrated in Korea is very weak, and in the opinion of the Russian people – not marked at all, one day is all that you get. No special festivities are not held, no organized large-scale festivities, this holiday is a tribute to Western fashion stremitelno penetrating into Korea.Seriously, this holiday is not perceived by anyone (the older generation – especially for young people and it’s just another day off).

– Sollal or New year according to the lunar calendar. As he noted (as the name implies) on the lunar calendar, every year the date changes, but usually it falls at the end of January – February. Salt is always a three day weekend, directly the new year is celebrated on the second day of this “Trinity”. This is one of the two most important holidays in Korea, the whole family always gets together on Sollal, eat traditional “Tok cook”, bowing “Saba”, For many (and for youth in particular) this ritual has long become a routine that nobody really likes, but not to follow it too. This year Sollal fell to 2, 3 and 4 February (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday), so the vast majority of Koreans took Monday and Friday as leave, which allowed to increase output in early February for nine days (which I personally used for a long-awaited trip to Europe). If Lunar New year falls on a weekend, all sadly shake my head, but cannot do anything about that. At this time there are a lot of different activities, dedicated to New Year, festivals, etc.

– March 1. day movement for independence from Japan and its colonial yoke. People who are not familiar with Korean history I will explain in a few words: in 1910 Korea (then one country) disappeared from the political map of the world and became the colony of Japan, in any form, and survived until 1945 (i.e., before complete surrender of Japan in World war II). In honor of the liberation of the country from the Japanese authorities and independence and is celebrated on this day.

– May 5, children’s day. It is an official holiday in Korea.

– Buddha’s birthday, celebrated according to the lunar calendar, as pravilo, falls on may. This is also an official holiday, in all Buddhist temples are the celebrations (if you can call it that). To prepare for this celebration begin well before him, on the streets of Seoul definitely appear entire Buddhist garlands of lights, and because at that time in Korea is already warm and all in full bloom, every year around this time is the largest fesitval of Seoul “hi Seoul”.

– June 6, the day of memory of victims in the Korean war. The Korean war lasted from 1950 to 1953 between the two Koreas, eventually ended, roughly speaking, nothing, the border between the two countries remained almost on the same place as before.

On August 15, liberation day from Japanese colonialism (August 15, 1945 Japan officially refused from Korea as its colony). It is a Korean “independence Day”.

– It’s thanksgiving, or the holiday of the autumn harvest. Celebrated according to the lunar calendar, usually falls on the period from mid September to early October. This is the second after Sallala the biggest holiday in Korea, which is perhaps even more family than Sollal. There is also three days in a row, most famous for its kilometers of traffic jams. resulting from the fact that the entire Seoul population goes on “home” in the province and then, at the end of the holiday, back to the city. All main channels at this point, constantly give a summary of the situation on the roads.

On 3 October, national Foundation day . More precisely, not the state, and the nation, as such, I would say. According to legend, on this day, the legendary Dangun came down from heaven to earth and founded Korea. Happened this momentous event more than 5 thousand years ago, however, the day is known very accurately.

On December 25, the Catholic Christmas . one of the most anticipated holidays of the year, while in Korea, he radically changed its original meaning. If in America, Christmas is primarily a family holiday, in Korea is a couples day, kotda necessarily need to be with your boyfriend or girlfriend, to religion this holiday is only real Catholics, but not among the General population countries.

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