Many people do not understand call fanatics and those who are particularly obsessed with religion. But when people go every day in the Church periodically and remain there until morning, then how should we interpret such a phenomenon? This trend is observed in South Korea, and it is hard for us to understand.

In Seoul in the early morning, thousands of people forced the city to Wake up. Christians in the cold and the dark, in an organized manner go to Church Myungsung and take their places for prayer.

Myungsung Presbyterian is the largest Church in the world, and it seems that it makes the above situation even more incredible. Believers don’t just attend a Church service every morning, they in the morning, go to Church four times.

“Christians can not live without faith and prayer, even a short period of time. I believe that every morning God prayer is a blessing for us. Parishioners with great pleasure attend the morning prayer, even if the Church is far away, and it takes a long time,” said Kim sung Gyoo, quoted by CBN.

The rules of this Church, introduced in 1980, pastor Sam hwan Kim. For 35 years, religious Association, which includes Ministers and members of this Church, grew up to more than 120,000 members. The pastor revealed the secret of this success: prayer and respect for Christian truth.

“The power of the Church is in the Bible and the traditions that we have inherited from our ancestors. If you save these values, the world will be behind us, and we will be able to affect our story,” says Kim. He is now 70 years old. But he does not consider himself too old to conduct two worship services every morning.

Korean miracle

Myungsung Church is not the only “oddity” in Korea. Correspondent of the Christian Megaportal visited another unusual Church in Seoul. He was amazed by the impressive size of this Church and its parishioners. The reporter had a unique life experience, having participated in the vigil prayer in the Church of Manmin. Ten thousand people attended the prayer, which lasted until 4 a.m., with a break of only 30 minutes. Inevitably, the reporter had to think about what is happening in the West, and how few people there attend Church.

An overview of the situation in Korea shows why these unusual phenomena in the Church are the norm for this country. In 1960, South Korea was less than one million Christians. Today in the country more than 19 million Christians, according to the national census of 2005. This figure accounts for almost a third of South Korea. Thus, in 2014, about 30% of South Koreans said that they are Christians. Not only has increased the number of believers, but also strengthened the position of the Church in people’s lives. Pew Forum statistics show that more than a third (35%) of Christians from South Korea said that religion occupies a very important place in their lives. This is evidenced by the fact that 33% of South Korean Christians share their faith with unbelievers at least once a week. In addition, 77% of them say they attend Church at least once a week. In such circumstances, there is nothing surprising in the unusual situation in Korea.

Faith and politics

The survey also shows that the same Christians typically think that social and political activity also is important in human life. The activities of the Church Myungsung not only focus on their own needs. It is planned to open another 24 churches and providing financial support to more than 500 missionaries in 63 countries. The Church also supports orphanages and hospitals, as well as carries a host of other social obligations.

Many Christians with pastors popularize Christianity in North Korea. The Church is helping refugees and fighting the dictatorship of Pyongyang.

In the Church Myungsung you notice the political subtext. People pray for the reunification of the two countries and the penetration of Christianity to their Northern brethren. Many refugees from North Korea accept Christianity, and pray for the welfare of their loved ones remaining in their home. “Often, I’m afraid I get caught and get deported back. Whenever I Wake up in the morning with a sense of freedom, I still miss my family and worry about them. They live in dangerous conditions, and in the North they have no freedom,” says Saint Wonjoon. Nevertheless, it is known that the Myungsung Church and all its parishioners sincerely pray to God that he brought blessing to North Korea.

This does not mean that all aspects related to Christianity in Korea, perfect. In the activity and structure of the Church Myungsung you may notice some problems. In addition, Professor of theology at the University of Seoul, Han Yong Kim, remarked that “Christianity was accepted by many Koreans, as a religion of personal success and prosperity of the people.” Therefore, having accepted the faith, many Koreans hoped for material prosperity. Also in Korea there is a large number of depressions and suicides. However, Koreans are very serious about Church life and to spiritual values. This example should encourage traditional European Christian society thought deeply about the poor influence of spirituality in modern society.

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