Karate, Yakuza and sexual perversion.

Seven myths about Japan.

The first myth. Japan is a small country.

Many of us somehow believe that Japan is a small country. But it’s looking to compare. If with Russia, it’s really small, but if other countries, so definitely not tell. Japan (377 thousand sq. km.) more than, for example, the territory of the United Germany. and almost equal to Italy. At the same time, Japan’s population (125 million people) is not much less than the population of Russia.

The second myth. The Japanese are all workaholics.

The Japanese decided to attribute an incredible capacity for work. In fact, although they work a lot and well, their zeal can hardly be called workaholism. In recent years (crisis for Japan) has increased the number of those employed part-and get an hourly salary. Overtime in this case, it was no passion, and the desire to earn additional income.

The little Japanese.

The third myth. The Japanese are cold and unfeeling.

The reason of high life expectancy of Japanese people should look for something else. The inhabitants of the land of the rising sun – the heaviest-Smoking nation among advanced countries. Not least among these countries, Japan is the consumption of alcohol. Religion and beliefs, which currently adhere to the Japanese do not forbid to enjoy. The pleasures of the flesh (food, alcohol, sex) in any way in Japan not objectionable. Japanese longevity can largely be explained by the fact that the Japanese do not feel guilty for enjoying life.

Ready for the lesson.

The fifth myth. Every Japanese person knows karate.

Some people believe that almost every Japanese can be considered an expert in martial arts. In fact, everything is different. Although in Japanese schools for physical education classes and taught some martial arts (mostly Kendo is — the art of swordsmanship), but the real fighting techniques in school do not study. On non-school lesson, has the time not at all. As statistics show, in Russia it is easier to meet someone who is able to practice martial arts than in Japan. The reason is not only the fact that we have these kinds of art are especially popular, but also because many men were serving in the special forces, where they are taught martial arts.

The sixth myth. The Japanese are sex maniacs.

After our rental had some Japanese movies, such as “Empire of passion” and “Taboo” by many of our countrymen have come to think that in Japan, especially a lot of sexual predators and perverts. In fact the number of rapes in Japan many times lags behind the USA. Note the fact that in the land of the Rising Sun has never been epidemics of sexually transmitted diseases, such as those that devastated Europe of the New time.

The JLC noted that sex a special attention to Japanese traditions never was paid. Although sexual relations and were the source of many jokes, but they were not the subject of the complexes and anguish, as in European culture. Interestingly, and currently the majority of Japanese people, both women and men, lose virginity only after marriage.


The seventh myth. The Yakuza is supermafia.

The delusion about a special “coolness” of the Japanese mafia appeared in numerous films on the subject. In fact, the Japanese mafia from our home are not especially different. However, experts note that “jujutsu” as a rule, some civilized and less aggressive, due to a rich tradition. Also, as in Russia Japanese organized crime controls the shadow economy and illegal business. As in other countries in Japan is disorganized crime and the most dangerous for ordinary citizens, but its level is significantly lower than, for example, in Russia or Ukraine .

With regard to culture and tradition, the Yakuza code of honor to present the concept of charity, which is synonymous with heroism. When, for example, in 2011 Japan had a terrible earthquake and tsunami, the Yakuza were sent to evacuation centers in affected areas tons of food, water, medicines and warm clothes. In addition, representatives of the Yakuza in many prefectures were first on the scene to treat the injured and rescuing victims.

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