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Area . 377,835 sq. km.

Population . 127,214,499 people.

Capital . Tokyo/Tokio

Nationality . the Japanese – 99% other – 1%

Languages . Japanese (official)

Religion . Christians 0.7%, and Buddhist 84%, other 15.3 per

Mode . monarchy

Post . the Emperor is Emperor Akihito, Prime Minister, Koizumi Juichiro

GDP . 3,55 trillion

The GDP per capita . 28,000

The annual growth rate . -0,3%

Inflation . -0,9%

Production . food industry, mechanical industry, electronic industry, R & d, metallurgy, light industry, chemical industry

Trading partners . USA, South Korea, Indonesia, Australia, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong

Nearby country . Russia, China, South Korea, North Korea

Currency . Japanese yen

Customs and regulations . Customs regulations of Japan governing the importation and exportation of goods and products is almost no different from the rules of certain legislative norms of other countries. Upon entry to Japan, foreign nationals fill in immigration card that you want to keep up to date of departure from the country. Duty free allowances 400 cigarettes or 100 cigars; three bottles of liquor, 0,5 l (0.7 l); 50g of perfume; gifts and Souvenirs worth not more than 200 thousand yen.

The import of drugs, weapons, pornography

Moscow Time +6

The voltage in the network . 100 Volts

Frequency . 50-60 Hz

The system measures . metric

Contact information

The address of our Embassy there .

Embassy of the Russian Federation in Japan, 1-1, Azabudai; 2-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan, 106-0041

Consulate General of the Russian Federation, FAI-BIRU, 1-20-5, SASAGUCHI, Niigata, Japan, 950

Consulate General of the Russian Federation, FAI-BIRU, 1-20-5, SASAGUCHI, Niigata, Japan, 950

Consulate General of the Russian Federation, 826, Nishi 12-chome Minami 14-jo, Chuoku, Sapporo, Japan, 064-0914

The address of their Embassy in Moscow . Moscow, Kalashny pereulok, 12 str.

Holidays and entertainment .

1 January New year

2nd Monday of January coming of age Day

3-4 February Setsubun – a holiday for the end of winter, when everything throw the peas and sing songs for good luck

February 11 national Foundation Day

March 3 the girls Festival (Hina Matsuri)

March 20 vernal equinox Day

early April is the Hanami

April 29 greenery Day

May 3 Constitution Day

May 4 rest Day

May 5 children’s Day

July 7 Tanabata – festival of stars

20 July marine Day

July-August O-Bon Festival of the Dead, when people let lanterns on rivers, lakes or the sea to show the return of the deceased to the underworld

September 15, the Day of honoring the elderly

On 15 September, the tsukimi dreams of becoming

September 23 autumnal equinox

2nd Monday in October sports Day

November 3 culture Day

15 November children’s day (city-go-San)

November 23 labor Day

December 23 Emperor’s birthday

May 15-AOI Matsuri or Hollyhock festival is one of the most luxurious festivals of Japan, held in Kyoto. These fancy celebrations dedicated to offering tribute to the dead. In the masquerade the culmination of the event is a festive procession of the Imperial retinue.

Gion Matsuri (17 July) the most memorable Japanese festival culminating in a parade of people, decorated in incredible outfits belonging to the IX century.

Seasons .

The climate of Japan is clearly divided into four seasons, each one full of its own charm. The best season for Hiking is spring and autumn. The climate is mainly subtropicheskiye monsoon. In winter the winds blow from the West, from the mainland, and in summer from the South-East, with the Pacific ocean. Winter monsoons are snow, abundantly drop-in centre, in the North, North-West of the country. Mountains don’t allow the winds to penetrate to the East and South of the country, therefore, there prevails in the winter, dry and Sunny weather.

Japan is striking in its precision and correctness of lines. Neat fields of geometric shapes, neat private houses and even commercial warehouses surprised by its cleanliness. The true opening of the country took place in the mid-nineteenth century, when it ended in voluntary isolation. The world was the most unique images of Japan’s majestic mount Fuji, blossoming branch of cherry blossoms, enchanting geishas, a fierce samurai, graceful kimonos, elegant engravings “ukie”, tea ceremony. and much more. In Japan amazing landscape and beautiful nature. Japan consists of about 6,800 Islands located in the Pacific ocean near the coast of Eastern Asia. What only types of bridges does not contain Japanese dictionaries and tourist signs – chain and arched, and a pontoon boat, cable-stayed and swing bridges, wood and stone. There is even a “magpie” bridge. But to understand what it is, you need to plunge into one of the colorful legends of Japan. She talks about the mutual love of two stars of Bootes and Weaver, are the Heavenly river – the Milky way. But the lovers did manage to meet. They, according to legend, helped the magpies in. They closed their wings and formed a bridge. Since then, every year on the seventh day of the seventh month appears in the sky “magpie” bridge. Truth to discern it given only to the romantic natures. The Japanese have a special love and a very careful attitude to their native land. Poetic symbol of Japan was mount Fuji, the highest peak of the country reaching up to 3776 meters. A large part of Japan is located in a warm climatic zone with distinct four seasons. The Japanese love and feel the nature, and in each of the four seasons they find it a unique charm and poetry. Not accidentally, many of the national holidays and traditions are connected with the change of seasons.

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Japan - 100 MixTour
Japan Area . 377,835 sq. km. Population . 127,214,499 people. Capital . Tokyo/Tokio Nationality . the Japanese - 99% other - 1% Languages . Japanese (official) Religion . Christians 0.7%,…

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