Intimate customs

Though many believe the US liberated,Horny and depraved country America has not occupied the top spot. Such experience the youth gets there in almost 17 years. The latest offensive of the sexual life in India – on the eve of the twentieth anniversary. At about the same age, decided to engage in intimate relationships in South-East Asia: Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan.

In any case, these average calculations are very far from life. In reality, some feel ready for a relationship almost 12 years, others can’t decide to lose her virginity before the thirtieth year. According to psychologists, the age of first sexual intercourse depends on the traditions, the conditions of education, family values, level of education and intelligence and, of course, from self-esteem (love as a way of self-affirmation is not particularly effective, but quite common).

On average,the age of first sexual intercourse is about 17 years old. Moreover, for many countries it coincides with the time when young people are allowed to officially marry. Doctors and psychologists also agree that this is the best age: the majority of young people are ready both physically and emotionally.

We can say that it is this situation normal for modern societies, where life expectancy depending on the country, 60-80 years old, and children can’t afford to have up to 30-35. Whether such beliefs our ancestors, we would simply not have existed in the world. In a society where few lived to thirty years, all had to do faster. But because in primitive tribes having sexual intercourse started in 9-10 years, if not sooner. At this age, inexperienced partners needed assistance.

Many tribes (from Africa and Australia to ancient Scandinavia) was the prevalent custom, when defiled girls were priests or elders. The reason is that the priest took upon himself all danger, protecting them from future husband: women in ancient vagina is associated with a new building, and the unknown, promising nothing good, and therefore first went in there expecting trouble (actually, for the same reason, first in the new house we put a cat). The blood that appear during defloration, too, was considered unclean and could not get protected by the patronage of the deity of the person of any troubles and misfortunes. However, these practices are not without practical significance: so far, many of the fair sex gets a lot of complexes just due to the fact that the first time they met inept and inexperienced partner.

To fulfill its mission the cult the employees themselves or with the help of those or other sacred objects of specially made dildos. And in one of the African tribes girls were deprived of virginity with the help of chicken eggs. Sometimes a sacred duty was imposed on the shoulders of more experienced married friends husband, as was customary in Papuan tribe, when the groom was informed by his friends about his intention to marry, and from this moment before the wedding all the friends he could “evaluate” the bride.

Actually, the medieval “right of first night” (first post-wedding night the girl was supposed to belong not to the husband, and the feudal Lord) is a variant of the same tradition. In distant years, when the married girls were given twelve years, deprivation of virginity for the owners of castles was not merely a right, but a duty. Sometimes the ruler who had to deflorimonte hundreds of girls, not coped with the mission entrusted to him until time became impotent. But there were those who entered into the taste, not noticing that the times in the yard have long been changed and wild medieval practices have long been condemned. So, in Russia, some landlords thought it his duty to “attend” the peasant women up until the abolition of serfdom in 1861.

The opposite tendency – to keep their virginity until marriage – is also an echo of ancient pagan beliefs: the girl so how would a young person transfers part of his youth, strength. Those who failed to become “first man”, feel their inferiority and scarcity. Hence, even today, some representatives of the stronger sex more or less consciously trying to engage in communication with a number of chaste maidens, “charging” their energy and confidence. Demand creates supply, and “right of first night” can be purchased via the Internet. Enterprising modern lady offer it in online auctions or simply on the online “flea markets”. The truth is, fly at it and who buy such goods do not forget that hymenoplasty (restore virginity surgically) these days is not uncommon and is relatively inexpensive. Specialized forums such fans of “strawberries” give the advice not to mess with girls over 18 virgins among them in most cases, no. However, there is forgotten about criminal responsibility for communication with minors. But such statements are quite match statistics: the average age of deprivation of innocence in our country for girls under 16, boys – 18 and a half years.

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