Interesting family traditions from different countries

Tradition – this is an important part of life of every family, they bind parents and children together. Every family has its own traditions that fill everyday life in a special sense, a pleasant and joyful emotions and memories. Sometimes we intentionally create traditions and rituals, drawing on religious and cultural traditions of our country, but also influenced by the popular traditions of other countries. Basically, family traditions from different countries very close by meaning and ideas, but different in implementation.

Here are some interesting family traditions from different countries:

In every family there comes a time when the child gets older and needs to say goodbye to childish habits. To say “goodbye” nipple for baby sometimes a difficult task. Parents around the world have little secrets, how to help children refuse pacifiers.

A very curious tradition exists in Denmark. In children’s parks have special trees on which the child can hang their pacifier and, thus, to say good-bye. Imagine how amusing and unusual, look the trees are decorated with colorful garlands of the nipple.

I think it’s a great idea you can implement without any hassle. Select baby magic tree, which will show off your nipple as a symbol of the first step into the adult world. Call your little friends and their parents to participate in this festive event.

And this is a very unusual idea for Christmas tree decoration for the new year.

Tooth fairy.

The tooth fairy came to us from a fairy tale invented by the Spanish writer L. Coloma for the eight year old king of Spain. So there was a wonderful tradition to hide the fallen milk teeth under the pillow for the tooth fairy. Tooth instead of in the morning children find coins or small gifts.

Fun fact: in America in Deerfield dentist rosemary wells has created a Museum dedicated to the Tooth fairy. In his collection of dolls, books, movies, money boxes and t-shirts with the image of the fairies, and the children’s drawings and letters.

100-day anniversary.

In the East there is a beautiful tradition of celebrating the 100 day anniversary of a baby. It is believed if the child spent his first 100 days, then all will be good. In the old days many children died in the first months of life, since then and this tradition goes. The first month of a newborn is not shown to anybody, to avoid possible diseases and problems. After 100 days, the family celebrates the first anniversary of the child.

This is all very reminiscent of the celebration of the first month of a newborn with us, when the first time child is introduced to relatives, close friends and treated to all the mess.

First birthday.

In China the first birthday is celebrated very pompously, parents and relatives congratulate the birthday boy, bring rich offerings to the gods. In the solemn day, offer the child a basket with loads of different things (usually it is: book, pen for writing, thread, money, rice, noodles, and scissors for girls and boys for the dagger). Every thing has its meaning, and the choice of the child determines his fate.

It is interesting that in Korea a child is born already one year old. The time spent in mom’s tummy is rounded to one year. If you’re in Korea, remember that you will become older, and return rejuvenated for the whole year J


Greece has a wonderful tradition – celebrate birthday and nameday. Name days celebrate the day of the Saint whose name is man. This is a traditional family holiday. The birthday congratulations and gifts, as well as honoring St. and light candles in the Church.

A very tempting idea to have two birthday’s a year!

First time in first class.

We all remember our first call: line in the school yard, elegant first-graders and melodious trill call. The tradition of celebrating the first day of school in many countries

In Germany on their first day of school German kids receive a gift in paper cones or bags in the form of candy. Such bags are usually the kids glue and paint themselves, and parents fill them with pleasant and useful things: school supplies, sweets and toys.

But Israeli children at the first line of start in the sky balloons that are used to write wishes.

In the world there are plenty of family traditions and rituals, they all have their historical origins and national character colored. I will definitely come back to this topic. If you know any interesting traditions or took part in them, please tell us about it.

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