Happy holidays!


To call a party Japan – party))))))

The INTERIOR will Bring to the interior, which will host our Japanese party, traits of the East, to immerse guests in the atmosphere of the land of the rising sun. You can make room in the style of some Japanese symbols: for example, to use many images of dragons – and scary, and funny.

Or decorate the room with fans (you can make them from pieces of Wallpaper sheets of Whatman and even Newspapers, magazines, wrapping paper – in General, of all that falls under the arm) – fans you can hang on the wall and fasten it on the curtains, doors and furniture.

We’re having a party Japanese style and the Japanese love welcoming feast no less than we, therefore immediately invite the guests to the table. Place near the plates sticks, but when all sit down at the table, offer guests a “buy” forks, knives and spoons. To pay for Cutlery have no money, and ingenuity. Devices the seller says the Japanese proverb, and the buyer must name its Russian (or well-known in the Russian-speaking environment) analogue. Of course, if someone wishes to eat with chopsticks, it is not necessary to insist on the plug.

List of Japanese Proverbs and approximate analogues:

If dust is accumulated, they will become mountains. – Water wears away the stone.

Not knowing happy as the Buddha. – the Less you know – the better.

Then – though the fields, even the mountains. – After us the deluge.

One stone-two birds. – One stone to kill two birds with one stone.

You cannot catch a tiger cub, not entering the tiger’s lair. – fear of wolves – no walk in the forest.

And you will wait for good weather for sea travel. – on our street will be a holiday.

The falling drop breaks the stone. – Water wears away the stone.

Poisoned by the venom, treat the same poison. – like cures like.

Being beaten up on hot soup, blows on cold vegetables. – Scalded milk, blows on water.

Supper, will offer a competitive program. Its purpose – to reveal the best of the best of the Japanese in our company. We’re a fun Japanese party, and therefore the title will not be serious.

1. Competition «Japanese chef”

Those wishing to participate to give out a big pancake or cake and a pack of mayonnaise (doy-pack with dispenser – stutzer). You will also need paper sheets-samples with the character (to make it fair, everyone needs to give the same character). The job – decorate the dish with the hieroglyph of mayonnaise. Need to squeeze mayonnaise out of the packaging on the fucking drawing the character on model. Here you can select two winners, who will do the job faster, and whose character will be the most accurate and beautiful.

2. The competition called “bloody hell”

The competition is held right at the table, so you can get everyone involved. The participants were given a paper (A4 size or more white or colored) and offer to fold it for any weapon of the policeman, using the technique of origami.

Wins is not something that will fly faster or make beautiful, and one whose weapons eventually would be the longest (you may have to measure with a ruler). But about this condition in advance we will not and we play our cards only when all weapons are ready. The winner is awarded the title of “bloody hell” prize – a pack of office paper or a roll of toilet paper with pictures/slogans.

Competition «Japan mom”

Participation is open to both men and women, but with men more fun. To the bellies of those willing to fight for the title of “Japan mom” affixed with tape inflated balloons (preferably large). Task – from the floor to collect Sakura petals. Although why we have such exotic? Instead Sakura take the petals or cut them out of paper – will need a lot of petals to strew the floor. During one of the game “belly” burst – he is out. In the end, count the number of petals collected. “fuck my mom” will be the one who gathered more petals. The prize can be a Japanese fan.

Competition «Russian-Japanese interpreter”

The leader names the Russian word from the dictionary, and the participants have to remember the Japanese word, denoting the same or similar concept. And let it be not entirely accurate analogy, but a suitable sense. Humor is encouraged. The most active and resourceful “aporoved” give the title of «Russian-Japanese interpreter” the prize – the Russian-Japanese PhraseBook.

Examples of words and analogues:

Mistress – geisha.

Paper articles – origami.

Suicide – kamikaze.

Stabbing – seppuku.

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