Festivals of Japan for tourists

Festivals of Japan

In Japan, there are 15 holidays established by the law on national holidays. Seemingly, a lot. But no, the Japanese, despite the fact that sometimes they produce the impression of people buttoned up, like to have fun, sit at a richly covered (in the Japanese sense) table, relax with friends and loved ones. Otherwise, why would they need to add to the celebrations and official Matsuri — the holidays are informal, but followed a General fun, festive processions, fireworks, dancing and singing. Their own Matsuri is in every Japanese Prefecture, there is Matsuri, which is celebrated by the whole country. Their roots are usually rooted in the traditions of Shinto — one of the most ancient religions prevalent in Japan.

New year in Japan

New year in this country — one of the most favorite holidays. New year holidays last from December 28 to January 4, in these days of business life in the country and almost dies, and its population initially busy preparing for the holiday, then New year and then the rest from the celebration and fellowship with family and friends.

The Christmas fair takes place everywhere, they can buy whatever your heart desires, sometimes even at a bargain price.

The symbols of the holiday — Hamami (blunt arrows with white feathers, which are designed to protect the home from calamities and problems), takarabune (ships with rice and other necessary things, on which sit the seven gods of fortune) and kumada (sort of rake made of bamboo, which is convenient to rake in happiness, joy and luck).

At the entrance of almost every house stands welcoming the construction of pine, straw, bamboo, fern, symbolizing the joy of the new deity of the holiday. The building is often decorated with a few unexpected things: shrimp, bunches of seaweed, tangerine — each crown has its deep meaning, which is not always immediately clear to the Europeans. As a rule, ends on December 31 with a festive meal in the family circle, which takes place in thinking about the future.

About the beginning of the new year usher in the 108 strikes the bell, this tradition already more than 1,000 years. The idea is each hit dispels one of the pernicious passions, inherent in the person.

With the last kick of the bells everyone goes outside to admire the first sunrise of the new year. The Japanese are quite pedantic nation, so the first few days of the year are scrupulous in counting the sent and received congratulations and bringing into balance those numbers, as well as in visits to those people with whom I have interacted during the previous year.

The Japanese celebrate the 77th birthday of Emperor

Coming of age day in Japan

Every second Monday of January, the country celebrates coming of age Day, which is, by law, occurs in 20 years. In the center of the holiday are those who this year will be 20 years. Usually, the city authorities organize this day receptions, and the heroes of the day, feeling older and free, celebrate the Day to the best of their ideas about it. By the way, those who evade taxes, invitations to the celebration will receive. Perhaps this fact upsets them. But all very happy that this day is a public holiday, so the holiday is in Japanese common parlance is called “merry Monday”.

National Foundation day

This holiday is held under the slogan “Remember the day of the founding of the state, to cultivate loving country heart.” It is held each year on 11 February and is also a national public holiday.

Girls ‘ day in Japan

On the third day of the third month of the year there is a very romantic and very beautiful holiday — Day girls. In ancient times this was the privilege of the upper classes, but then became universal. Several traditions formed the basis of this holiday, but the most beautiful of them — the exhibition of Hina dolls, which is arranged in each of the girls. For this purpose, in shops sell special sets of dolls, some of them are so beautiful and the roads that passed from generation to generation. On this day, girls playing dress up, visit each other’s homes, make gifts, in General, doing all the things I like doing girls.

Mother’s day and father’s Day

13 may is celebrated mother’s Day and June 17 — father’s Day. Despite the fact that these holidays are different, assigning them the same thing: to thank the people who gave life.

Day of memory of victims of the atomic attack in Nagasaki

9 August is not a holiday in Japan, this day of remembrance of the terrible events in Japan, but also in the history of mankind. This is the day when every Japanese person thinks about peace and war, life and death, about the true values. Exactly 11 hours and 2 minutes sounds mournful bell rings and the entire country pauses in a moment of silence.

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