Center of Oriental medicine Chasen

Center of Oriental medicine Chasen (Jaseng Hospital of Oriental Medicine) – South Korea’s largest medical institution for the treatment of diseases of spine and joints by non-surgical methods. The first Clinic of Jaseng Hospital of Oriental Medicine was opened in Seoul in 2006; today there is a network of 15 clinics throughout Korea, there is also a branch in the United States.

Center of Oriental medicine Chasan called the leader of the Korean health in the field of Oriental medicine. Methods of Oriental medicine in the Clinic successfully combined with cutting-edge Western technologies and methods. The clinic has a great therapeutic experience. Every year here are treated more than 80,000 patients. The Clinic’s specialists are able to provide effective assistance at 30 various diseases of the spine.

Jaseng Hospital of Oriental Medicine has an international reputation and collaborates with renowned universities and Clinics of Europe and USA. Numerous studies conducted by Western scientists confirm the effectiveness of the treatment methods of the spine surgical practices Center of Eastern medicine Chosen. Center trust your health to many athletes of world renown.

The main areas of work of the Centre Chosen:

– treatment of diseases of the spine;

– treatment of joints;

– women’s health;

– treatment of obesity;

– Pediatrics.

Diagnostic center equipped with necessary equipment for carrying out computer tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), x-ray, ultrasound, densitometry (density studies of the spine), etc.

Treatment Center of the spine to effectively treat herniated discs, lower back pain and neck and other pain syndromes, as well as osteochondrosis, scoliosis, kyphosis.

Center for treatment of joints is engaged in the treatment of arthritis (rheumatoid and degenerative), arthrosis, bursitis, sprains, muscular-fascial pain syndrome, osteoporosis, sports injuries, etc.

The centre for Korean traditional therapy specializes in the treatment of gynecological diseases, some diseases of internal organs, chronic migraines, chronic fatigue syndrome, dermatological diseases, etc.

The Clinic also has Clinic weight loss Diet Department and Pediatric Department. The program of treatment prescribed for each patient individually. It can be included the following treatment methods:

– Treatment of traditional Korean medicine. These medications made from organic components (mainly herbs), contribute to the elimination of the inflammatory process, edema, strengthen muscle tone and ligaments, contribute to the restoration of bone tissue.

– Manual therapy Chuna providing for the recovery of functions of joints using a special technique, deep massage. The massage eliminates pain, a normalization of blood circulation. Usually, manual therapy is combined with medication based on herbs.

Acupuncture is a method involving the introduction of special needles into specific acupressure points. Can be used with needles from drugs herbs or needles with bee venom. Specialists of the Center of Oriental medicine Chasen developed this treatment for patients with serious musculoskeletal pathologies. The method stimulates circulation, normalizing the blood vessels work. Acupuncture effective for pain arising from muscle spasm, injuries and sprains. This method of therapy also stimulates the immune system of the patient.

Rehabilitation exercise strengthens the muscles of the spine, reduces pain syndrome. The syllabus prepared individually; exercises are conducted under the supervision of instructors of the Centre.

– Herbal therapy moxibustion and riparianism. For this type of therapy can be used various herbs, which can relieve the pain and promote recovery.

In addition to these methods, experts Jaseng Hospital of Oriental Medicine is widely used various methods of apparatus physiotherapy: radiofrequency therapy, ultrasound therapy, treatment with high frequency currents, electrical stimulation, therapy with compressed air, paraffin therapy.

Jaseng Hospital of Oriental Medicine is focused on providing medical care to patients from other countries. Foreign customers are offered the following services:

– consultation via phone and email;

free translation services;

– assistance in hotel reservation;

– meeting at the airport and providing transport from the airport (for inpatients);

– issuance of medical documents (diagnostic opinion, the doctor’s report, receipt of payment) in English.

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