Center for Korean “KORE”

We continue in the pages of the journal “My University” to talk about national-cultural centers of the Khabarovsk territory. Today we will talk about Korean youth center “BARK” (full official name: Khabarovsk regional public organization «national Korean youth cultural center “BARK”, for short HCOO “CNMCC “BARK”).

Hard to say, when in Russia appeared first on information about Korea. However, by the end of the XVII century in connection with the expansion of Russian-Chinese relations, the land of morning calm appeared in sight of the Russian public. In the late XVIII and early XIX centuries, the contacts between Russians and Koreans occurred at the level of diplomatic missions in Beijing.

Turning point in the relations between Russia and Korea was the middle of the XIX century, when the two States were to have a common border along the lower reaches of the river Tumangan. In 1856 in East Siberia was established seaside area. In 1858th between Russia and China signed the Aigun Treaty and the 1860 – additional the Beijing Treaty, which recognised Russia’s right to possession of the Amur and the South Ussuri edges. In 1861 was produced marking the Russian-Korean border along the lower reaches of Tumangan river.

The first contacts between the two countries has caused intensive Korean immigration to Russia. At the end of the twentieth century, the number of Koreans in Russia reached almost 450 thousand and 100 thousand of them lived in the Russian far East. In addition to Korean resettlement in Russia, the second important component of Russo-Korean contacts in the period up to the conclusion of diplomatic relations was border trade.

In Khabarovsk, today very effective the Association of Koreans in Siberia and the Far East, youth wing and center “BARK”.

The impetus for its creation was the disunity of Russian Koreans of different ages. Especially with the years, it became noticeable gap between generations of Koreans, which was lost centuries-old traditions and national values. Many Koreans are unfamiliar with the culture of their ancestors, themselves already began to perceive the Russian, which, as they jokingly say, ‘just a narrow slit eyes”. And it’s done incorrectly! Korean nation is worthy of respect for their hard work and strong spirit. And it usually comes along with knowledge of history, understanding of culture and customs and, of course, with close and friendly intercourse.

The purpose of Association and coordination of the Korean youth in the Khabarovsk territory was created and “BARK”. The center never set ourselves the task to find a universal method self-esteem of the Korean people and all problems. However, it is “BARK” contributes to a deeper understanding of Korean culture and the Korean nation, the establishment of contacts and interaction among Korean youth. “GORYEO” is a public organization and therefore does not pursue commercial benefits.

Over the years, the Korean center “BARK” was organized so many different events. Some of them have already become traditional. As, for example, participation in national holiday Chuseok. No less than traditional steel workshops devoted to modern trends in the Korean youth culture. Members of the youth center “GORYEO” is very closely following all developments in the Korean film, stage and fashion.

With special interest and always look forward to all the karaoke contests that were held repeatedly. The Koreans are very melodic since birth, and it is not a surprise that the jury of karaoke contest is always difficult to determine the best of the best.

Pleased to note that the center “GORYEO” is working closely with other national-cultural centers of the Khabarovsk territory. No one is surprised that Koreans can be found on the Tatar, Armenian, Ukrainian and Jewish holidays. And in the competition «Miss Sabantuy” traditionally, Korean girls win the “audience Award”.

Participate in the work of the youth center “BARK” and many students of PNU. Always a pleasure to listen to, with what enthusiasm they talk about their activities. And let this positive attitude will remain with the Korean youth of our University as long as possible!


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