An Unusual fishing

Today fishing is a skilled occupation that became a separate sport, ideal for outdoor recreation or a favorite hobby, you can talk for hours. Looking at the float, we continue age-old traditions, known to everyone. But what really was a fishing than she is now and what is most unusual ways — in our article.

La Mar for people who love the sea

Every day, millions of people around the world catch fish. Someone for fun, someone in the sports section, but there are those for whom fishing is a daily activity and a means of survival.

How people first realized that the fish can eat and where it happened — just impossible to say. But history tells us that the instruments for the extraction of marine life were about the same as now: dams, nets, fishing rods, fish wheels. But the kind of fishing industry arose, as soon as an exchange and trade.

Just how far we’ve come from our ancestors?

Yes, fishing today, not counted the baskets of individual people, and tons of fish caught in specific States. The leaders here are considered as the Koreans, catch about 60 million tons in one year, they rightfully topped all ratings. Tenth place went to Russia, but New Guinea was not included even into one hundred, but it was here that we found the most unusual method of catching fish is fishing with the help of web.

The wonders of ingenuity

They say the way to fish through the web to have originated in New Guinea and continues in the Solomon Islands until now. The principle of such fishing is quite simple. The fisherman, preparing to fishing, looking for a particularly durable and intricately woven spider web. Then it rolled in and the bait attached to the kite that floats in the air like a float. Fisherman with snake guides are attached with cobwebs to the place where the surface shoals float needle fish. And as soon as the float goes down, it becomes clear — one fish caught on this bait thoroughly thought-out.

This kind of method was not invented for fun, for years and it has proven ideal for this location. Specially woven web was the best way to catch needle fish, which has a very narrow mouth to capture the hook.

Despite the fact that such fishing is really unusual, it is traditional for the area occupation. As, however, another, no less strange catching of marine life through fish-stick.

With a small fish on a sea turtle

Africa is a continent of striking mystery, interesting people, unusual nature and traditions, which its residents have absorbed with milk of mother.

The inhabitants of Madagascar and Mozambique decided to draw attention to the possibility of one fish and catching other marine life – turtle.

Sea turtle is considered a delicacy dish. And although she was smarter than many animals, and some kinds are the most ancient on our planet, catching turtles’t stopped yet. To catch such a beast is not easy, despite the fact that the turtle is a symbol of slowness, she quickly goes from trying to make her into soup, but turtles that live in East Africa, gained the ability in an emergency to get between narrow rocks and inflate themselves with air.

To speculate a little, the inhabitants of the “cradle of mankind” came up with a simple but quite effective method of catching these animals, which remains traditional still. The clingfish is tied by the tail to a rope and thrown into the water next to a sea turtle. Fish sticks, but a good fisherman pulling his prey awaited. If the turtle is large, to her throwing several fishes that cling to the animal with a death grip.

By the way, the capacity of one such fish is 30 kg. So with the help of 100 fish can be raised from the bottom cruising racing yacht, but not to get an ancient animal.

The face of a samurai

Another tradition refers rather to the action of “letting go” than “catching”. Although the catch is notable as well.

Heikegani unusual crabs that live off the coast of the Seto Inland sea, owe their numerous traditions and superstitions of the Japanese fishermen. For a long time the fishermen of these places come across like crabs. And all this time they released the creatures back into the water, believing that the tightness in silhouette of a person on the carapace is of a human face, in inbred crabs, Heike samurai that died in the 12th century in battle with the Genji clan. Catch this crab was considered a good omen, but to use crustaceans as food was not allowed in any case.

Many generations of fishermen have rejoiced in his happiness and let go of the crabs in the sea, so that today the crabs heikegani enough not to worry for this.

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An Unusual fishing
Today fishing is a skilled occupation that became a separate sport, ideal for outdoor recreation or a favorite hobby, you can talk for hours. Looking at the float, we continue…

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