10 wedding traditions of the world

Wedding — it’s not just vows and feast, it is also a lot of traditions and customs. We throw bouquets, pies, soup and the bride and groom are trying from the same plate, in other cultures traditions can be “witty”.

A significant part of Czech wedding traditions originated in pagan times. And although this practice would not hurt as verification characters partners, today these traditions are observed rarely. Previously, for example, on the threshold of the house of the bride was leaving the chump with an axe and a bottle of wine. If a man first picked up a bottle of alcohol, this meant that in the future he will be a good drinker.

But for the bride in the room her betrothed was already prepared with a broom. If the girl deftly sweep all and return the broom to the place, so she will be caring and a good housewife. Although such practices weaknesses of partners could “float” a couple years earlier, in our country, unfortunately, remained popular only “harmless” tradition. We still breakable plates, kidnapping brides, wedding throw bouquets, bake pies and put on the clamp. But then, as the first day of life together is celebrated in other cultures, sometimes the mind refuses to understand.

1. Mauritania. In this Islamic Republic on the Western coast of Africa and fattened like buxom women. When most brides around the world limit themselves to the food, to the wedding dress to look like straws, in Mauritania, men send their chosen ones on the “fat farm”. There women need to gain volume and become more beautiful. And with tracks such love on flanks and belly; they are ready to get married.

2. Kenya. What we think to be insulting and boorish behavior that in Kenya is considered a blessing. When a local bride with her husband, leaves his village, her father goodbye spits on her head and chest.

3. India. It is believed that women born in the astrological combinations “manglik”, is automatically cursed. Even their ancient ancestors believed that these ladies can cause early death of their future husbands. Therefore, you first need to hold your wedding ceremony with a tree. So the curse ended, the tree is immediately cut down after the ceremony. And only when from it already remains nothing, you can prepare for the fun.

4. Scotland. Bondage and tied to a tree. No, it’s not a love of the practice of the wedding night, as a way to prove the family of her future husband that a woman is ready for marriage. And to make this fun for her was not too fun and easy, people in future wife needs to throw garbage and rotten eggs.

5. Malaysia. Members of the community Tendong (Tindong) prohibit the newlyweds to take a shower and go to the toilet for three endless days and nights. Because if the couple decides to relieve themselves, the woman may be infertile, or the child may die. And to the future spouses not too attracted to the toilet, for them watch all the time, give them small amounts of food, and they can drink only a few SIPS of water.

6. Java. As you know, nothing is free, and for the wedding also you have to pay. Exactly the same things on this island. Beyond the fun local couple give 25 rat tails. However, if the family life went wrong, the divorce will have to pay 50 tails.

7. China (Tujia). Local bride before the wedding should cry at least for an hour every day for one month. All women from family to mandatory rules shed tears with her. Future homemaker so, apparently, are prepared for the fact that family life is not always gonna look like a honey.

8. French Polynesia. On the territory of French Polynesia, the bride’s family will probably not too happy upcoming holiday. Because on the way to the house of relatives have their bodies to shoot «the carpet alive” by which the groom will then enter the house.

9. South Korea. In the evening after the ceremony, the Korean groom should not wash his feet. Because before that 10-20 minutes by feet whipped rotten fish. With such a nice smell it goes straight to the family box.

10. Africa. Some African tribes are really strange quirks. In the first night the couple accompanied by an older woman to teach the bride. It often happens that spouses sleep together with the mother of the bride.


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